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Welcome to my Home Page!

My name is Lukasz Bielecki.

I am a biochemist and tour guide from Poznan, Poland.

I studied biotechnology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and I graduated in 1995. In March 2000, I completed my Ph. D. in the field of molecular modeling of modified nucleic acids.


In years 1995-2008, I worked in the Laboratory of Structural Chemistry of Nucleic Acids in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Also, in years 2001-2003 I was a postdoc (Marie Curie Fellowship) in the Prof. Eric Westhof's laboratory in Strasbourg, France.

You can take a look at the detailed presentation of my research and publications concerning the field of molecular biology.


I am a traditional Roman Catholic and a conservative. As an indigenous Poznan native, I am very much interested in the regional history, and attached to our local identity. Over years, I have been active in several organizations, from which I think it is good to mention the Conservative-Monarchist Club and the Poznan Students Fraternity "Lechia".


For many years, I have been interested in genealogy. My personal family roots are mostly in the region of Wielkopolska ("Greater Poland"), also known under its German name Provinz Posen. To all the Internet users interested in searching for their ancestors once living on the area of present-day Poland, I'd like to recommend the "Genealogy & Poland" online guide. Since 2000, I have been the coordinator of the Poznan Project in which about 100 volunteers from all over the world have been transcribing marriage records from the Poznan region to produce the extremely helpful database with a search engine created by Maciej Glowiak.
I am also a licensed tour guide in Poznan and environs. If you want to visit Poland, especially the Poznan region, and need a guide or translator, don't hesitate to look at the site of our tour guide working group "Discovering Roots" which specializes in genealogical tours.

I like mountain hiking and canoeing very much. For several years, together with a group of friends we have been doing one canoe trip each year - to one of the rivers of Northern Poland. See the pictures of how such a trip looks like!

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